Mar 2. 2023

Early diagnosis with Ultrasound can help patients get answers and treatment faster

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A Gynecologist’s Guide to Adenomyosis Ultrasound Findings. By using adenomyosis ultrasound findings, clinicians can quickly and accurately make diagnostic decisions to inform treatment planning as early as possible. Read more

Early diagnosis helps patients get treatment and relief faster. Although adenomyosis is a benign condition, it can cause symptoms that affect quality of life. Those symptoms can also mimic other conditions, such as endometriosis, that can co-exist with adenomyosis. Early diagnosis helps patients get answers and treatment as soon as possible. Read more

Ultrasound is a viable option to diagnose adenomyosis. Ultrasound has a degree of accuracy comparable to that of an MRI, but it’s more widely available and less expensive for patients. It’s becoming the go-to exam to identify this condition. Read more

Adenomyosis can cause severe pain and heavy bleeding. Visible features on transvaginal ultrasound show how adenomyosis causes severe menstrual pain. Read more

People with adenomyosis are more likely to experience infertility. The condition can also disrupt implantation during in vitro fertilization. Researchers are still trying to understand the link between adenomyosis and infertility and establish the best treatment options. Read more

Pregnant people with adenomyosis may have an increased risk of miscarriage. Patients with adenomyosis can have more difficulty getting pregnant, and research suggests the condition could increase the risk of pregnancy loss. But, there are still some questions as to how and why. Read more

Understanding Enhanced Myometrial Vascularity. Previously known as uterine arteriovenous malformation, addressing enhanced myometrial vascularity may help providers better serve patients and physicians. Read more

Case Study

Specific ultrasound features indicate adenomyosis. Lisbet Hanson, MD, shares what to look for on ultrasound and how color Doppler helps distinguish adenomyosis from fibroids.
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