The Voluson E10 ultrasound scanner in its new version can directly output images for the printing of foetus 3D model

GE Healthcare's latest version of Voluson E10 four-dimensional ultrasound scanner allows mothers, at the time of prenatal check-up to have real time observation on the health status and structure of the foetus.

Traditional 2D ultrasound scanners have a one to two second delay in observing the movement of the foetus, the latest version of Voluson E10 four-dimensional ultrasound scanner captures colour ultrasound images from multiple perspectives in real time for better examination of the foetal heart structure and skeletal development, checks whether there is cleft lips etc. In addition, the instrument is the first to directly export 3D printing format files for 3D printers to create a model of the foetus' growth inside mother's body. 3D models can be printed for embryos from six weeks. Facial characteristics can be captured when the foetus has reached 26 weeks old for making three-dimensional model.

The importance of using 4D ultrasound scanning for examination

4D ultrasound images can diagnose fetal congenital malformations, including the following:

Nervous system
Urinary system
Digestive system
Other malformation
Amniotic fluid
Facial malformation

Through the ultrasound scanning of Voluson E10 and the new direct 3D printing technology, the mother can record and collect the growth process and marking of her foetus.