GE Voluson™ Family

GE Voluson P8

OB/GYN Imaging. Simplified.

The Voluson Performance system is there when you need it. Ultrasound is a simple and affordable imaging modality helping provide vital information in detecting and characterizing obstetric and gynecologic issues. The Voluson Performance Series ultrasounds offer:

  • Effortless acquisition of superb 2D images
  • Additional anatomical views with easy 3D imaging, for thorough assessments
  • Simple user interface and comfortable system design
  • Affordable addition to a practice with robust support tools

A hard-working imaging tool that’s ideal for patient management, the Voluson Performance series has robust performance capabilities that fit your practice, your patients, and your budget.

Effortless, Expert Imaging & 3D Imaging

Simply place the probe to get the information you need, without time-consuming modifications. With the Voluson Performance system, you can acquire excellent clinical images across all types of patients, quickly and easily.

  • Excellent 2D images – Optimized for clarity and detail at the placement of a probe
  • Advanced Color Doppler – To provide deeper insight into vascular anatomy and function
  • Exceptional penetration with consistent image quality – To help with difficult-to-image patients
  • One-touch image optimization – For fast efficient imaging

Easy 3D Imaging

3D/4D imaging enhances clinical confidence by providing additional anatomical perspective.

  • Obtain views not possible with 2D scanning for a more complete evaluation
  • Analyze volume data during the exam or offline after exam completion for efficient patient throughput
  • View and manipulate volumes in sectional planes or in multiple render methods